About JustASR

While speech represents the most natural form of communication between humans, studying speech-based human-computer interaction presents a major interest for both academic research and commercial usage. Within this context, automatic processing of speech gains a major importance, being more and more embedded in various software products, in various domains from mobile phones, automated call centers, e-learning, medicine or justice. On the Romanian market, no software provider was able to deliver a speech-based product, even if the Ministry of Justice offered 2.5 Million Euros in a public tender held in 2010 for an automatic speech recognition (ASR) solution for courtrooms.  Within the IT strategy for 2013-2017 released in April 2013, the Ministry of Justice recalls the need for a software to automatically transcript the discussions inside the courtrooms.

This project aims to develop the core ASR technology for Romanian with applicability in the Romania’s courtrooms. We propose a speaker-independent solution for recognition of continuous speech, to enhance the automatic transcription of public hearing in courtrooms, as a measure of anti-corruption and public transparency.

The project will have the following two scientific objectives:

O1. Developing the automatic speech recognition technology

O2. Developing linguistic and acoustic resources for ASR and learning the artificial intelligence models

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